TrainTrain NameFromDepToArrTravelMTWTFSS1A2A3ASLCC2S3EFC
19063DANAPUR EXPRESSUDN07:20 AMET05:55 PM10:35-Y---Y--2A3ASL----
19045TAPTI GANGA EXPUDN09:44 AMET08:30 PM10:46Y-YYY-Y--3ASL----
19047ST BHAGALPUR EXUDN09:46 AMET08:30 PM10:44-Y---Y---3ASL----
19049BDTS PATNA EXPUDN08:35 PMET09:10 AM12:35Y-------2A3ASL----
19057UDN VARANASI EXUDN09:05 PMET09:10 AM12:05----Y---2A3ASL----
12943UDYOGKARMI EXPUDN09:05 PMET08:50 AM11:45--Y-----2A3ASL----

6 Trains from Udhna Jn to Itarsi Jn

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