TrainTrain NameFromDepToArrTravelMTWTFSS1A2A3ASLCC2S3EFC
12550JAT DURG SF EXPSGO02:10 AMR01:10 PM11:00----Y--1A2A3ASL----
12824CHTSGRH S KRNTISGO02:40 AMR02:05 PM11:25Y-Y--Y-1A2A3ASL----
18216JAT DURG EXPSGO06:37 AMR06:05 PM11:28-----Y--2A3ASL----
18574BGKT VSKP EXPSGO09:25 AMR09:15 PM11:50------Y-2A3ASL----
18208AII DURG EXPSGO09:25 AMR09:15 PM11:50--Y-----2A3ASL----
18214JP DURG EXPSGO09:25 AMR09:15 PM11:50-Y------2A3ASL----
04408NZM DURG SPLSGO11:50 PMR11:50 AM12:00---Y---1A2A3A-----

7 Trains from Saugor to Raipur Jn

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