TrainTrain NameFromDepToArrTravelMTWTFSS1A2A3ASLCC2S3EFC
12284NZM ERS DURONTORTM04:25 AMMAO07:10 AM21:15------Y1A2A3ASL----
22634NZM TVC SF EXPRTM08:55 AMMAO11:00 AM21:55-----Y--2A3ASL----
12978MARU SAGAR EXPRTM02:35 PMMAO05:50 PM20:45----Y--1A2A3ASL----
22654NZM TVC SF EXPRTM07:15 PMMAO08:30 PM22:45Y-------2A3ASL----
22656NZM TVC SF EXPRTM07:15 PMMAO08:30 PM22:45----Y---2A3ASL----
19332INDB KCVL EXPRTM11:48 PMMAO12:25 AM23:23--Y-----2A3ASL----

6 Trains from Ratlam Jn to Madgaon

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