TrainTrain NameFromDepToArrTravelMTWTFSS1A2A3ASLCC2S3EFC
16587YPR BKN EXPYPR05:00 AMANND02:42 PM33:42----Y-Y-2A3ASL----
16502AHMADABAD EXPYPR01:30 PMANND12:56 AM35:26------Y-2A3ASL----
16534SBC JODHPUR EXPSBC05:00 PMANND05:30 AM36:30------Y-2A3ASL----
16532GARIB NAWAZ EXPSBC05:00 PMANND05:31 AM36:31----Y---2A3ASL----
16210AJMER EXPRESSSBC09:50 PMANND05:30 AM31:40-Y-Y----2A3ASL----
16508JODHPUR EXPRESSSBC09:50 PMANND05:30 AM31:40Y-Y-----2A3ASL----

6 Trains from Bangalore City Jn to Anand Jn

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