TrainTrain NameFromDepToArrTravelMTWTFSS1A2A3ASLCC2S3EFC
12766AMI TPTY SUP EXAK08:30 AMHNL10:09 AM01:39Y--Y----2A3ASL----
17640AK KCG EXPAK09:30 AMHNL11:24 AM01:54-Y---------CC2S--
17642NRKR KCG EXPAK09:30 AMHNL11:24 AM01:54Y-YYYYY----CC2S--
19301YESHVANTPUR EXPAK11:50 AMHNL01:34 PM01:44Y-------2A3ASL----
12719AII HYB SF EXPAK03:25 PMHNL05:14 PM01:49---Y-Y--2A3ASL----
12422ASR NED SF EXPAK07:15 PMHNL09:09 PM01:54-Y------2A3ASL----
12486SGNR NED EXPRESAK07:25 PMHNL09:09 PM01:44--Y--YY-2A3ASL----
22458UHL NED SF EXPAK07:25 PMHNL09:09 PM01:44----Y---2A3ASL----
11403NGP KOP EXPRESSAK08:10 PMHNL09:59 PM01:49-Y---Y--2A3ASL----
19713JP SC EXPAK08:10 PMHNL09:59 PM01:49------Y1A2A3ASL----
11406AMI PUNE EXPAK08:45 PMHNL10:29 PM01:44Y----Y--2A3ASL----
17624BKN NED EXPAK09:30 PMHNL11:19 PM01:49------Y-2A3ASL----
11202AJNI LTT EXPRESAK09:35 PMHNL11:39 PM02:04----Y---2A3ASL----

13 Trains from Akola Jn to Hingoli Deccan

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