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Station Name: Guntur Jn (GNT)
Railway Division: Guntur Jn
Railway Zone: SCR/South Central Railway
Vijayawada Airport/VGA 48Km
Guntur Jn Railway station (GNT) comes under SCR/South Central Railway Zone of Indian Railways.
Guntur Jn Railway Station Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh India. .

Guntur Jn Railway Station handles over 72 trains daily (Up/Down) and serves about 108000 passengers everyday.
There are about 36 Trains which starts/passes from Guntur Jn Railway Station and are displayed below.

#Train No.Train NameFromTo
1 12603 Hyderabad Exp Chennai Central Hyderabad Deccan
2 12734 Sc Tpty Narayanadri Exp Secunderabad Jn Tirupati Main
3 57640 Paas Guntur Jn Tirupati Main
4 12733 Tpty Sc Narayanadri Exp Tirupati Main Secunderabad Jn
5 17015 Bbs Sc Visakha Exp Bhubaneswar Secunderabad Jn
6 77285 Gnt Tel Guntur Jn Tenali Jn
7 17230 Hyb Kcvl Sabari Exp Hyderabad Deccan Trivandrum Central
8 57306 Gnt Kcg Pass Guntur Jn Kacheguda
9 07150 Ghy Sc Holiday Spl Guwahati Secunderabad Jn
10 57219 Mcla Pass Guntur Jn Macherla
11 56502 Ubl Bzapass Hubli Jn Vijayawada Jn
12 17211 Mtm Ypr Exp Machelipatnam Yesvantpur Jn
13 67259 Pushpull Guntur Jn Vijayawada Jn
14 57651 Sc Ral Pass Secunderabad Jn Repalle
15 22882 Bbs Pune S/f Weekly Bhubaneswar Pune Jn
16 77230 Pass Guntur Jn Vijayawada Jn
17 12704 Sc Hwh Falaknuma Exp Secunderabad Jn Howrah Jn
18 17225 Bza Ubl Amaravati Exp Vijayawada Jn Hubli Jn
19 57216 Tel Pass Guntur Jn Tenali Jn
20 77289 Gnt Bza Guntur Jn Vijayawada Jn
21 17016 Sc Bbs Visakha Secunderabad Jn Bhubaneswar
22 18047 Hwh Vsgamaravathi Express Howrah Jn Vasco Da Gama
23 56504 Bza Yprpass Vijayawada Jn Bangalore Cant
24 12604 Chennai Exp Hyderabad Deccan Chennai Central
25 18463 Bbs Sbc Prashanti Bhubaneswar Bangalore City Jn
26 57619 Ral Sc Pass Repalle Secunderabad Jn
27 17255 Ns Hyb Exp Narasapur Hyderabad Deccan
28 12748 Vkb Gnt Palanad Exp Vikarabad Jn Guntur Jn
29 17202 Sc Gnt Golconda Exp Secunderabad Jn Guntur Jn
30 17240 Vskp Gnt Simhadri Exp Vishakapatnam Guntur Jn
31 57220 Gnt Pass Macherla Guntur Jn
32 57298 Gnt Pass Narasapur Guntur Jn
33 57623 Gnt Pass Kacheguda Guntur Jn
34 57639 Pass Tirupati Main Guntur Jn
35 67258 Pushpull Tenali Jn Guntur Jn
36 77229 Pass Repalle Guntur Jn
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