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Station Name: Bhatinda Jn (BTI)
Railway Division: Ambala Cant Jn
Railway Zone: NR/Northern Railway
Bhatinda Airport/BUP 19Km
Bhatinda Jn Railway station (BTI) comes under NR/Northern Railway Zone of Indian Railways.
Bhatinda Jn Railway Station Bathinda, Punjab, India, Bathinda, Punjab India. .

Bhatinda Jn Railway Station handles over 58 trains daily (Up/Down) and serves about 87000 passengers everyday.
There are about 29 Trains which starts/passes from Bhatinda Jn Railway Station and are displayed below.

#Train No.Train NameFromTo
1 14626 Fzr Dee Intercity Express Firozpur Cant Delhi Sarai Rohilla
2 14712 Sgnr Rksh Exp Shri Ganganagar Rishikesh
3 54561 Bti Fzrpass. Bhatinda Jn Firozpur Cant
4 14520 Kisan Express Bhatinda Jn Old Delhi
5 19024 Fzr Bct Janata Firozpur Cant Mumbai Central
6 54755 Bti Sgnr Pass. Bhatinda Jn Shri Ganganagar
7 74985 Bti Fka Dmu Bhatinda Jn Fazilka
8 54552 Bti Umb Pass Bhatinda Jn Ambala Cant Jn
9 12482 Sgnr Dli Intercity Shri Ganganagar Old Delhi
10 19223 Adi Jat Express Ahmedabad Jn Jammu Tawi
11 54559 Bti Fka Bhatinda Jn Fazilka
12 14525 Umb Sgnr Intercity Exp Ambala Cant Jn Shri Ganganagar
13 54044 Hsr Jind Pass. Hisar Jind Jn
14 54701 Bti Lgh Pass. Bhatinda Jn Lalgarh Jn
15 54045 Jhi Fzr Pass Jind Jn Firozpur Cant
16 54753 Bti Sgnr Pass. Bhatinda Jn Shri Ganganagar
17 13007 U Abha Toofan Express Howrah Jn Shri Ganganagar
18 54783 Fka Re Passenger Fazilka Rewari
19 54757 Umb Sgnr Passenger Ambala Cant Jn Shri Ganganagar
20 14625 Dee Fzr Intercity Express Delhi Sarai Rohilla Firozpur Cant
21 54784 Re Fka Passenger Rewari Fazilka
22 54758 Sgnr Umb Passenger Shri Ganganagar Ambala Cant Jn
23 54563 Bti Fzr Pass Bhatinda Jn Firozpur Cant
24 54642 Fzr Dli Pass. Firozpur Cant Old Delhi
25 12047 Bhatinda Shatabdi Express New Delhi Bhatinda Jn
26 19226 Jatbtiexp Jammu Tawi Bhatinda Jn
27 54555 Dui Bti Pass Dhuri Jn Bhatinda Jn
28 54562 Fzr Btipass. Firozpur Cant Bhatinda Jn
29 54754 Sgnr Bti Pass. Shri Ganganagar Bhatinda Jn
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