Jbn Passenger (55734) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from Jogbani
55734 - Jbn PassengerJogbani (JBN)Katihar Jn. (KIR)
1Jogbani (JBN)12:00 AM06:15 AM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Bathnaha (BTF)06:24 AM06:25 AM0 Mins7 KMs1
3Forbesganj Jn. (FBG)06:33 AM06:35 AM0 Mins13 KMs1
4Dholbaza (DLZ)06:42 AM06:43 AM0 Mins18 KMs1
5Gogi Pothia (GPE)06:48 AM06:49 AM0 Mins21 KMs1
6Simraha (SMH)06:55 AM06:57 AM0 Mins26 KMs1
7Haldiya Bihar Halt (HOD)07:04 AM07:06 AM0 Mins31 KMs1
8Arariya (ARR)07:13 AM07:15 AM0 Mins37 KMs1
9Arariya Court (ARQ)07:21 AM07:23 AM0 Mins41 KMs1
10Kusiargaon (KSY)07:31 AM07:33 AM0 Mins49 KMs1
11Satar Halt (SATR)07:40 AM07:41 AM0 Mins56 KMs1
12Jalalgarh (JAG)07:48 AM07:50 AM0 Mins61 KMs1
13Garh Banali (GBN)07:57 AM07:58 AM0 Mins67 KMs1
14Kasba (KUB)08:07 AM08:09 AM0 Mins72 KMs1
15Purnea Jn. (PRNA)08:21 AM08:23 AM0 Mins80 KMs1
16Ranipatra (RNX)08:34 AM08:35 AM0 Mins86 KMs1
17Rautara (RWA)08:44 AM08:45 AM0 Mins94 KMs1
18Dalan (DLF)08:57 AM08:58 AM0 Mins101 KMs1
19Katihar Jn. (KIR)09:20 AMDestination0 Mins108 KMs1

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