Boe Passenger (55732) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from Barsoi Jn.
55732 - Boe PassengerBarsoi Jn. (BOE)Katihar Jn. (KIR)
1Barsoi Jn. (BOE)12:00 AM04:00 AM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Mukuria (MFA)04:09 AM04:10 AM0 Mins4 KMs1
3Salmari (SRI)04:18 AM04:20 AM0 Mins9 KMs1
4Meenapur (MENP)04:26 AM04:27 AM0 Mins13 KMs1
5Jhaua (JAU)04:34 AM04:35 AM0 Mins15 KMs1
6Bhnp (BHNP)04:40 AM04:41 AM0 Mins18 KMs1
7Sonaili (SI)04:50 AM04:52 AM0 Mins21 KMs1
8Gorphar (GRR)04:58 AM04:59 AM0 Mins26 KMs1
9Dandkhora (DNQ)05:07 AM05:08 AM0 Mins29 KMs1
10Nayatola (NYT)05:14 AM05:15 AM0 Mins34 KMs1
11Katihar Jn. (KIR)05:35 AMDestination0 Mins35 KMs1

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