Spj Passenger (55253) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from
55253 - Spj Passenger () ()
1Samastipur Jn. (SPJ)12:00 AM08:30 AM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Muktapur (MKPR)08:36 AM08:38 AM0 Mins3 KMs1
3Kishanpur (KSP)08:45 AM08:47 AM0 Mins10 KMs1
4Rambhaddarpur (RBZ)08:59 AM09:01 AM0 Mins16 KMs1
5Haiaghat (HYT)09:14 AM09:16 AM0 Mins21 KMs1
6Thalwara (TLWA)09:25 AM09:27 AM0 Mins26 KMs1
7Laheria Sarai (LSI)09:40 AM09:45 AM0 Mins32 KMs1
8Darbhanga Jn. (DBG)09:55 AMDestination0 Mins37 KMs1

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