Cnb Passenger (54336) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from Kanpur Central Jn.
54336 - Cnb PassengerKanpur Central Jn. (CNB)Balamau Jn. (BLM)
1Kanpur Central Jn. (CNB)12:00 AM02:40 PM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Kanpur Bridge (rb) (CPB)02:50 PM02:51 PM0 Mins3 KMs1
3Magarwara (MGW)03:00 PM03:01 PM0 Mins11 KMs1
4Unnao Jn. (ON)03:20 PM03:25 PM0 Mins17 KMs1
5Patiyara (PTYR)03:34 PM03:35 PM0 Mins25 KMs1
6Makhi (MKHI)03:41 PM03:43 PM0 Mins29 KMs1
7Methi Tikur (METR)03:54 PM03:55 PM0 Mins36 KMs1
8Baradev (BRDV)04:03 PM04:04 PM0 Mins41 KMs1
9Safipur (SFPR)04:10 PM04:12 PM0 Mins45 KMs1
10Ugu (UGU)04:21 PM04:22 PM0 Mins49 KMs1
11Fatehpur Chaurasi (FTC)04:30 PM04:31 PM0 Mins55 KMs1
12Bangarmau (BGMU)04:50 PM04:52 PM0 Mins66 KMs1
13Ganj Muradabad (GJMB)05:04 PM05:05 PM0 Mins74 KMs1
14Mallanwan (MLW)05:16 PM05:18 PM0 Mins83 KMs1
15Farhantnagar (FRH)05:28 PM05:29 PM0 Mins87 KMs1
16Madhoganj (MAH)05:38 PM05:40 PM0 Mins94 KMs1
17Gauntra (GNTR)05:50 PM05:51 PM0 Mins99 KMs1
18Atwa Kursath (ATKS)06:00 PM06:01 PM0 Mins104 KMs1
19Ghausganj (GSGJ)06:09 PM06:10 PM0 Mins109 KMs1
20Balamau Jn. (BLM)06:35 PMDestination0 Mins117 KMs1

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