Mgs bsb Passenger (54261) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from Mughal Sarai Jn.
54261 - Mgs bsb PassengerMughal Sarai Jn. (MGS)Jaunpur Jn. (JNU)
1Mughal Sarai Jn. (MGS)12:00 AM07:30 PM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Vyasanagar (VYN)07:46 PM07:47 PM0 Mins8 KMs1
3Kashi (KEI)07:58 PM07:59 PM0 Mins13 KMs1
4Varanasi Jn. (BSB)08:15 PM08:25 PM0 Mins18 KMs1
5Shiupur (SOP)08:35 PM08:36 PM0 Mins24 KMs1
6Birapatti (BRPT)08:43 PM08:44 PM0 Mins31 KMs1
7Babatpur (BTP)08:52 PM08:53 PM0 Mins37 KMs1
8Pindra Road (PDRD)08:59 PM09:00 PM0 Mins42 KMs1
9Khalispur (KSF)09:06 PM09:07 PM0 Mins46 KMs1
10Trilochan Mahadeo (TLMD)09:15 PM09:16 PM0 Mins52 KMs1
11Jalalganj (JLL)09:24 PM09:25 PM0 Mins58 KMs1
12Sarkoni (SIQ)09:33 PM09:34 PM0 Mins64 KMs1
13Zafarabad Jn. (ZBD)09:45 PM09:46 PM0 Mins70 KMs1
14Jaunpur Jn. (JNU)10:25 PMDestination0 Mins76 KMs1

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