Mgs Passenger (54109) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from Mughal Sarai Jn.
54109 - Mgs PassengerMughal Sarai Jn. (MGS)Faizabad Jn. (FD)
1Mughal Sarai Jn. (MGS)12:00 AM04:25 PM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Vyasanagar (VYN)04:47 PM04:48 PM0 Mins8 KMs1
3Kashi (KEI)04:57 PM04:58 PM0 Mins13 KMs1
4Varanasi Jn. (BSB)05:20 PM05:40 PM0 Mins18 KMs1
5Shiupur (SOP)05:50 PM05:51 PM0 Mins24 KMs1
6Birapatti (BRPT)05:58 PM05:59 PM0 Mins31 KMs1
7Babatpur (BTP)06:06 PM06:07 PM0 Mins37 KMs1
8Pindra Road (PDRD)06:12 PM06:13 PM0 Mins42 KMs1
9Khalispur (KSF)06:18 PM06:19 PM0 Mins46 KMs1
10Trilochan Mahadeo (TLMD)06:26 PM06:27 PM0 Mins52 KMs1
11Jalalganj (JLL)06:34 PM06:35 PM0 Mins58 KMs1
12Sarkoni (SIQ)06:42 PM06:43 PM0 Mins64 KMs1
13Zafarabad Jn. (ZBD)06:57 PM06:58 PM0 Mins70 KMs1
14Jaunpur Jn. (JNU)07:08 PM07:10 PM0 Mins76 KMs1
15Mahgawan Halt (MGWN)07:19 PM07:20 PM0 Mins82 KMs1
16Mihrawan (MIH)07:27 PM07:28 PM0 Mins88 KMs1
17Manikalan Halt (MNKN)07:34 PM07:35 PM0 Mins94 KMs1
18Kheta Sarai (KS)07:41 PM07:42 PM0 Mins99 KMs1
19Shahganj Jn. (SHG)07:55 PM07:59 PM0 Mins109 KMs1
20Bilwai (BWI)08:10 PM08:11 PM0 Mins120 KMs1
21Tulsi Nagar Halt (TLGR)08:19 PM08:20 PM0 Mins127 KMs1
22Malipur (MLPR)08:28 PM08:29 PM0 Mins134 KMs1
23Jafarganj (JFG)08:38 PM08:39 PM0 Mins144 KMs1
24Akbarpur Jn. (ABP)08:48 PM08:50 PM0 Mins153 KMs1
25Katahri (KTHE)09:03 PM09:04 PM0 Mins165 KMs1
26Goshainganj (GGJ)09:15 PM09:16 PM0 Mins175 KMs1
27Ulna Bhari (ULN)09:24 PM09:25 PM0 Mins184 KMs1
28Bilhar Ghat (BLG)09:35 PM09:36 PM0 Mins192 KMs1
29Darshannagar (DRG)09:48 PM09:49 PM0 Mins202 KMs1
30Ayodhya (AY)10:21 PM10:30 PM0 Mins207 KMs1
31Acharya Narendra Dev Nagar (ACND)10:55 PM10:56 PM0 Mins211 KMs1
32Faizabad Jn. (FD)11:20 PMDestination0 Mins214 KMs1

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