Dos Passenger (53604) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from
53604 - Dos Passenger () ()
1Dehri-on-son (DOS)12:00 AM10:35 AM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Son Nagar Jn. (SEB)10:43 AM10:44 AM0 Mins5 KMs1
3Chirailla Pauthu (CPBH)10:52 AM10:53 AM0 Mins11 KMs1
4Anugrah Narayan Road (AUBR)11:01 AM11:02 AM0 Mins16 KMs1
5Phesar (PES)11:11 AM11:12 AM0 Mins25 KMs1
6Baghoikusa (BHKH)11:17 AM11:18 AM0 Mins30 KMs1
7Jakhim (JHN)11:26 AM11:27 AM0 Mins36 KMs1
8Deo Road (DORD)11:33 AM11:34 AM0 Mins39 KMs1
9Rafiganj (RFJ)11:43 AM11:44 AM0 Mins47 KMs1
10Ismailpur (IMGE)11:53 AM11:54 AM0 Mins56 KMs1
11Guraru (GRRU)12:02 PM12:03 PM0 Mins63 KMs1
12Paraiya (PRY)12:10 PM12:11 PM0 Mins69 KMs1
13Kastha (KSTA)12:18 PM12:19 PM0 Mins76 KMs1
14Gaya Jn. (GAYA)12:45 PMDestination0 Mins85 KMs1

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