Rph Passenger (53026) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from
53026 - Rph Passenger () ()
1Rampur Hat (RPH)12:00 AM05:50 PM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Swadinpur (SDLE)05:58 PM05:59 PM0 Mins6 KMs1
3Nalhati Jn. (NHT)06:08 PM06:13 PM0 Mins14 KMs1
4Takipur (TKP)06:24 PM06:25 PM0 Mins21 KMs1
5Lohapur (LAP)06:33 PM06:34 PM0 Mins27 KMs1
6Morgram (MGAE)06:42 PM06:43 PM0 Mins32 KMs1
7Sagardighi (SDI)06:53 PM06:54 PM0 Mins40 KMs1
8Barala (BAA)07:04 PM07:05 PM0 Mins47 KMs1
9Gosaingram (GSGB)07:13 PM07:14 PM0 Mins52 KMs1
10Azimganj City (ACLE)08:02 PM08:03 PM0 Mins57 KMs1
11Azimganj (AZ)08:10 PM12:00 AM0 Mins58 KMs1

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