Mmr Igp Shuttle (51424) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from
51424 - Mmr Igp Shuttle () ()
1Manmad Jn. (MMR)12:00 AM01:50 PM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Summit (SUM)02:00 PM02:02 PM0 Mins10 KMs1
3Lasalgaon (LS)02:14 PM02:15 PM0 Mins24 KMs1
4Ugaon (UGN)02:23 PM02:24 PM0 Mins34 KMs1
5Niphad (NR)02:32 PM02:33 PM0 Mins41 KMs1
6Kasbe Sukene (KBSN)02:41 PM02:42 PM0 Mins47 KMs1
7Khervadi (KW)02:48 PM02:49 PM0 Mins54 KMs1
8Odha (ODHA)02:58 PM02:59 PM0 Mins61 KMs1
9Nasik Road (NK)03:17 PM03:20 PM0 Mins73 KMs1
10Devlali (DVL)03:29 PM03:30 PM0 Mins78 KMs1
11Lahavit (LT)03:41 PM03:42 PM0 Mins89 KMs1
12Asvali (AV)03:49 PM03:50 PM0 Mins98 KMs1
13Padli (PI)03:57 PM03:58 PM0 Mins105 KMs1
14Ghoti (GO)04:09 PM04:10 PM0 Mins114 KMs1
15Igatpuri (IGP)05:20 PMDestination0 Mins123 KMs1

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