Hwh Mdn Local (38827) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from
38827 - Hwh Mdn Local () ()
1Howrah (HWH)12:00 AM06:35 PM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Santragachi Jn (SRC)06:50 PM06:51 PM0 Mins7 KMs1
3Andul (ADL)06:56 PM06:57 PM0 Mins12 KMs1
4Sankrail (SEL)07:01 PM07:02 PM0 Mins15 KMs1
5Ulubaria (ULB)07:17 PM07:18 PM0 Mins32 KMs1
6Bagnan (BZN)07:28 PM07:29 PM0 Mins45 KMs1
7Ghoraghata (GGTA)07:33 PM07:34 PM0 Mins47 KMs1
8Deulti (DTE)07:37 PM07:38 PM0 Mins50 KMs1
9Kolaghat (KIG)07:42 PM07:43 PM0 Mins54 KMs1
10Mecheda (MCA)07:47 PM07:48 PM0 Mins58 KMs1
11Panskura (PKU)07:59 PM08:00 PM0 Mins72 KMs1
12Khirai (KHAI)08:04 PM08:05 PM0 Mins78 KMs1
13Haur (HAUR)08:09 PM08:10 PM0 Mins82 KMs1
14Radhamohanpur (RDU)08:14 PM08:15 PM0 Mins86 KMs1
15Duan (DUAN)08:18 PM08:19 PM0 Mins89 KMs1
16Balichak (BCK)08:22 PM08:23 PM0 Mins93 KMs1
17Shyam Chak (SMCK)08:27 PM08:28 PM0 Mins99 KMs1
18Madpur (MPD)08:32 PM08:33 PM0 Mins104 KMs1
19Jakpur (JPR)08:38 PM08:39 PM0 Mins110 KMs1
20Kharagpur (KGP)08:55 PM09:00 PM0 Mins117 KMs1
21Giri Maidan (GMDN)09:06 PM09:07 PM0 Mins119 KMs1
22Gokulpur (GKL)09:12 PM09:13 PM0 Mins123 KMs1
23Midnapore (MDN)09:30 PMDestination0 Mins130 KMs1

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