Hwh - Bwn (chord)local (36833) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from Howrah
36833 - Hwh - Bwn (chord)localHowrah (HWH)Barddhaman (BWN)
1Howrah (HWH)12:00 AM03:30 PM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Liluah (LLH)03:38 PM03:39 PM0 Mins4 KMs1
3Belur (BEQ)03:41 PM03:42 PM0 Mins6 KMs1
4Belanagar (BZL)03:47 PM03:48 PM0 Mins11 KMs1
5Dankuni (DKAE)03:52 PM03:53 PM0 Mins14 KMs1
6Gobra (GBRA)03:57 PM03:58 PM0 Mins17 KMs1
7Janai Road (JOX)04:00 PM04:01 PM0 Mins20 KMs1
8Begampur (BPAE)04:03 PM04:04 PM0 Mins22 KMs1
9Barui Para (BRPA)04:07 PM04:08 PM0 Mins26 KMs1
10Mirzapur-bankipur (MBE)04:10 PM04:11 PM0 Mins29 KMs1
11Balarambati (BLAE)04:13 PM04:14 PM0 Mins31 KMs1
12Kamarkundu (KQU)04:16 PM04:17 PM0 Mins32 KMs1
13Madhu Sudanpur (MDSE)04:20 PM04:21 PM0 Mins35 KMs1
14Chandanpur (CDAE)04:25 PM04:26 PM0 Mins40 KMs1
15Porabazar (PBZ)04:29 PM04:30 PM0 Mins44 KMs1
16Belmuri (BMAE)04:32 PM04:33 PM0 Mins46 KMs1
17Dhaniakhali Halt (DNHL)04:35 PM04:36 PM0 Mins48 KMs1
18Sibaichandi (SHBC)04:38 PM04:39 PM0 Mins51 KMs1
19Hajigarh (HIH)04:42 PM04:43 PM0 Mins55 KMs1
20Gurap (GRAE)04:45 PM04:46 PM0 Mins57 KMs1
21Jhapandanga (JPQ)04:50 PM04:51 PM0 Mins62 KMs1
22Jaugram (JRAE)04:55 PM04:56 PM0 Mins64 KMs1
23Nabagram (NBAE)05:00 PM05:01 PM0 Mins68 KMs1
24Massagram (MSAE)05:03 PM05:04 PM0 Mins71 KMs1
25Chanchal H (CHC)05:07 PM05:08 PM0 Mins74 KMs1
26Palla Road (PRAE)05:10 PM05:11 PM0 Mins77 KMs1
27Saktigarh (SKG)05:15 PM05:16 PM0 Mins82 KMs1
28Gangpur (GRP)05:24 PM05:25 PM0 Mins87 KMs1
29Barddhaman (BWN)05:35 PMDestination0 Mins94 KMs1

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