Bgb - Sdah Local (34119) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from Budge-budge
34119 - Bgb - Sdah LocalBudge-budge (BGB)Sealdah (SDAH)
1Budge-budge (BGB)12:00 AM08:25 AM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Nangi (NAI)08:27 AM08:28 AM0 Mins3 KMs1
3Akra (AKRA)08:31 AM08:32 AM0 Mins6 KMs1
4Santoshpur F (SSP)08:35 AM08:36 AM0 Mins8 KMs1
5Brace Bridge (BRJ)08:39 AM08:40 AM0 Mins11 KMs1
6Majerhat (MJT)08:42 AM08:43 AM0 Mins14 KMs1
7New Alipore (calcutta) (NACC)08:45 AM08:46 AM0 Mins15 KMs1
8Tollyganj (TLG)08:48 AM08:49 AM0 Mins16 KMs1
9Lake Garden F (LKF)08:51 AM08:52 AM0 Mins17 KMs1
10Ballygunge Jn. (BLN)09:04 AM09:05 AM0 Mins20 KMs1
11Sealdah (SDAH)09:20 AMDestination0 Mins25 KMs1

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