Rjt Jud (09443) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from
09443 - Rjt Jud () ()
1Rajkot Jn. (RJT)12:00 AM05:40 PM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Bhaktinagar (BKNG)05:50 PM05:52 PM0 Mins6 KMs1
3Kothariya (RKY)05:59 PM06:00 PM0 Mins13 KMs1
4Ribada (RBR)06:11 PM06:12 PM0 Mins23 KMs1
5Gondal (GDL)06:30 PM06:32 PM0 Mins41 KMs1
6Gomta (GTT)06:43 PM06:44 PM0 Mins54 KMs1
7Virpur (VRR)06:50 PM06:52 PM0 Mins57 KMs1
8Navagadh (NUD)07:03 PM07:04 PM0 Mins71 KMs1
9Jetalsar Jn. (JLR)07:11 PM07:16 PM0 Mins77 KMs1
10Choki Sorath (CKE)07:26 PM07:27 PM0 Mins86 KMs1
11Vadal (VAL)07:35 PM07:36 PM0 Mins93 KMs1
12Junagadh Jn. (JND)08:30 PMDestination0 Mins103 KMs1

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