Bct Bhuj Sf Special (09033) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from
09033 - Bct Bhuj Sf Special () ()
1Mumbai Central (BCT)12:00 AM07:45 PM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Borivali (BVI)08:28 PM08:30 PM0 Mins29 KMs1
3Vapi (VAPI)10:45 PM10:47 PM0 Mins169 KMs1
4Surat (ST)12:15 AM12:20 AM0 Mins262 KMs1
5Vadodara Jn. (BRC)02:03 AM02:13 AM0 Mins391 KMs1
6Ahmedabad Jn. (ADI)04:05 AM04:25 AM0 Mins490 KMs1
7Samakhiali Jn. (SIOB)08:30 AM08:32 AM0 Mins738 KMs1
8Gandhidham Jn. (GIMB)09:45 AM10:05 AM0 Mins791 KMs1
9Bhuj (BHUJ)11:05 AMDestination0 Mins849 KMs1

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