Sdah Jat Superfast Special (03151) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from
03151 - Sdah Jat Superfast Special () ()
1Sealdah (SDAH)12:00 AM11:55 PM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Barddhaman (BWN)01:24 AM01:29 AM0 Mins104 KMs1
3Asansol Jn. (ASN)02:36 AM02:38 AM0 Mins214 KMs1
4Dhanbad Jn. (DHN)04:00 AM04:10 AM0 Mins273 KMs1
5Koderma (KQR)05:38 AM05:40 AM0 Mins396 KMs1
6Gaya Jn. (GAYA)07:15 AM07:20 AM0 Mins472 KMs1
7Dehri-on-son (DOS)08:15 AM08:17 AM0 Mins557 KMs1
8Bhabua Road (BBU)09:10 AM09:12 AM0 Mins622 KMs1
9Mughal Sarai Jn. (MGS)10:32 AM10:47 AM0 Mins676 KMs1
10Varanasi Jn. (BSB)11:25 AM11:35 AM0 Mins695 KMs1
11Partapgarh Jn. (PBH)01:50 PM01:52 PM0 Mins823 KMs1
12Rae Bareli Jn. (RBL)03:18 PM03:20 PM0 Mins919 KMs1
13Lucknow Jn. (LKO)05:20 PM05:35 PM0 Mins996 KMs1
14Bareilly Jn. (BE)08:48 PM08:53 PM0 Mins1232 KMs1
15Moradabad Jn. (MB)10:25 PM10:35 PM0 Mins1322 KMs1
16Saharanpur Jn. (SRE)01:35 AM01:45 AM0 Mins1515 KMs1
17Ambala Cantt. Jn. (UMB)03:15 AM03:25 AM0 Mins1596 KMs1
18Ludhiana Jn. (LDH)05:33 AM05:43 AM0 Mins1710 KMs1
19Jalandhar Cantt. Jn. (JRC)06:35 AM06:38 AM0 Mins1762 KMs1
20 (PTKC)08:25 AM08:30 AM0 Mins1875 KMs1
21Jammu Tawi (JAT)10:30 AMDestination0 Mins1974 KMs1

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