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17639 - Kcg Ak Express
Running train status for 20th of December 2014
Currently Train is - Not_started
This train is not started for today.
Click here for Yesterday's (19-12-2014) running status for Kcg Ak Express.
Train is delayed by - No Delay
Train at Kacheguda (KCG) at 12:00 AM

StationSch. ArrivalSch. DepartureStatusActual ArrivalDelay
Kacheguda (KCG) Source 07:30 AM Not Reached E.T.A. 05:30 AM N/A
Sitafal Mandi (STPD) 07:38 AM 07:39 AM Not Reached E.T.A. 07:38 AM N/A
Malkajgiri (MJF) 07:49 AM 07:50 AM Not Reached E.T.A. 07:49 AM N/A
Bolarum (BMO) 08:08 AM 08:09 AM Not Reached E.T.A. 08:08 AM N/A
Gowdavalli (GWV) 08:18 AM 08:19 AM Not Reached E.T.A. 08:18 AM N/A
Medchal (MED) 08:25 AM 08:26 AM Not Reached E.T.A. 08:25 AM N/A
Wadiaram (WDR) 09:03 AM 09:04 AM Not Reached E.T.A. 09:03 AM N/A
Mirzapalli (MZL) 09:11 AM 09:12 AM Not Reached E.T.A. 09:11 AM N/A
Akanapet (AKE) 09:19 AM 09:20 AM Not Reached E.T.A. 09:19 AM N/A
Kamareddi (KMC) 09:45 AM 09:47 AM Not Reached E.T.A. 09:45 AM N/A
Nizamabad (NZB) 10:40 AM 10:45 AM Not Reached E.T.A. 10:40 AM N/A
Basar (BSX) 11:20 AM 11:22 AM Not Reached E.T.A. 11:20 AM N/A
Dharmabad (DAB) 11:32 AM 11:33 AM Not Reached E.T.A. 11:32 AM N/A
Umri (UMRI) 12:09 PM 12:10 PM Not Reached E.T.A. 12:09 PM N/A
Mudkhed (MUE) 12:38 PM 12:40 PM Not Reached E.T.A. 12:38 PM N/A
H Sahib Nanded (NED) 01:25 PM 01:30 PM Not Reached E.T.A. 01:25 PM N/A
Purna Jn (PAU) 02:15 PM 02:25 PM Not Reached E.T.A. 02:15 PM N/A
Basmat (BMF) 02:44 PM 02:45 PM Not Reached E.T.A. 02:44 PM N/A
Hingoli Deccan (HNL) 03:29 PM 03:30 PM Not Reached E.T.A. 03:29 PM N/A
Washim (WHM) 04:14 PM 04:15 PM Not Reached E.T.A. 04:14 PM N/A
Akola Jn (AK) 06:30 PM Destination Not Reached E.T.A. 06:30 PM N/A
Last Updated:20th of December 2014 at 06:18 AME.T.A. - Estimated Time of Arrival
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