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15004 - Chaurichaura Express
Running train status for 22nd of April 2014
Currently Train is - Not_started
This train is not started for today.
Click here for Yesterday's (21-04-2014) running status for Chaurichaura Express.
Train is delayed by - No Delay
Train at Gorakhpur Jn. (GKP) at 12:00 AM

StationSch. ArrivalSch. DepartureStatusActual ArrivalDelay
Gorakhpur Jn (GKP) Source 10:30 PM Not Reached E.T.A. 05:30 AM N/A
Chauri Chaura (CC) 10:59 PM 11:01 PM Not Reached E.T.A. 10:59 PM N/A
Gauri Bazar (GB) 11:13 PM 11:15 PM Not Reached E.T.A. 11:13 PM N/A
Deoria Sadar (DEOS) 11:43 PM 11:45 PM Not Reached E.T.A. 11:43 PM N/A
Bhatni Jn (BTT) 12:15 AM 12:20 AM Not Reached E.T.A. 12:15 AM N/A
Salempur Jn (SRU) 12:38 AM 12:40 AM Not Reached E.T.A. 12:38 AM N/A
Lar Road (LRD) 12:49 AM 12:51 AM Not Reached E.T.A. 12:49 AM N/A
Belthara Road (BLTR) 01:06 AM 01:08 AM Not Reached E.T.A. 01:06 AM N/A
Indara Jn (IAA) 01:50 AM 01:55 AM Not Reached E.T.A. 01:50 AM N/A
Mau Jn (MAU) 02:05 AM 02:15 AM Not Reached E.T.A. 02:05 AM N/A
Dullahapur (DLR) 02:56 AM 02:58 AM Not Reached E.T.A. 02:56 AM N/A
Aunrihar Jn (ARJ) 03:35 AM 03:37 AM Not Reached E.T.A. 03:35 AM N/A
Varanasi City (BCY) 04:18 AM 04:20 AM Not Reached E.T.A. 04:18 AM N/A
Varanasi Jn (BSB) 04:40 AM 04:50 AM Not Reached E.T.A. 04:40 AM N/A
Manduadih (MUV) 04:58 AM 05:00 AM Not Reached E.T.A. 04:58 AM N/A
Bhulanpur (BHLP) 05:06 AM 05:08 AM Not Reached E.T.A. 05:06 AM N/A
Madhosingh (MBS) 05:55 AM 05:57 AM Not Reached E.T.A. 05:55 AM N/A
Gyanpur Road (GYN) 06:13 AM 06:15 AM Not Reached E.T.A. 06:13 AM N/A
Handia Khas (HDK) 06:41 AM 06:43 AM Not Reached E.T.A. 06:41 AM N/A
Allahabad City (ALY) 08:10 AM Destination Not Reached E.T.A. 08:10 AM N/A
Last Updated:23rd of April 2014 at 10:21 PME.T.A. - Estimated Time of Arrival
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