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Rice smugglers, who were loading ration rice bags in a train at a signal near Jolarpettai, assaulted a railway policeman who tried to stop them, on Monday night.The Jolarpettai railway police received information about ration rice being smuggled by train on Monday. Srinivasan, a constable, went to the Thamalerimuthur junction and waited in disguise. Around 8 pm, the Mumbai-Kanyakumari Express stopped there for signal. A gang of four suddenly appeared and began loading rice bags on to the train. Srinivasan attempted to stop them but the smugglers attacked him, threw him in the bushes and fled in the train.As Srinivasan failed to return in time, the officials who went to the spot found him amidst bushes in a severely injured state. He was immediately rushed to the Tiruppattur Government Hospital. A case has been registered and a local man Ranjithkumar has been arrested in this regard.

CHENNAI: A bomb threat to a train arriving at the Central Railway station on Tuesday turned out to be a hoax but it had kept the city police and their Railway counterparts on their tenterhooks.Around 250 police personnel including senior officials and bomb detection and disposal squads sweated it out at the railway station after a phone call about a bomb on a train was received around noon.According to police, the phone call was made to the police control room by Sudalaimuthu (40), a call taxi driver hailing from Thoothukudi, through his mobile phone at 11:51 am. The driver, living in West Mambalam with his family, overheard three men at a tea stall in Velachery discussing that a bomb would go off at around 6.30 pm at Central station which 'should kill at least ten people,' a police official said. He was taken into custody for interrogation and released after few hours, police added.Personnel from Railway Protection Force (RPF), Government Railway Police (GRP) and the city police arrived with their respective bomb squads around 3 pm  and carried out combing operations at the station. Passengers were subjected to frisking while large parcels were inspected in greater detail by the bomb squad. All trains at the platforms were sanitised.Though the combing operations were over by 5 pm, around 100 police personnel, including armed commandos and dog squads, were present at the station premises even after 6.30 pm. A bomb squad was sent to Egmore station as well as the driver said he had overheard 'places other than Chennai Central' being mentioned.Security at the station has been stepped up after the twin blasts on a Guwahati bound train on May Day this year which had claimed two lives. Since then, police have been kept on tenterhooks by hoax calls.

Rice smugglers, who were loading ration rice bags in a train at a signal near Jolarpettai, assaulted a railway policeman who tried to stop them, on Monday night.The Jolarpettai railway police received information about ration rice being smuggled by train on Monday. Srinivasan, a constable, went to the Thamalerimuthur junction and waited in disguise. Around 8 pm, the Mumbai-Kanyakumari Express stopped there for signal. A gang of four suddenly appeared and began loading rice bags on to the train. Srinivasan attempted to stop them but the smugglers attacked him, threw him in the bushes and fled in the train.As Srinivasan failed to return in time, the officials who went to the spot found him amidst bushes in a severely injured state. He was immediately rushed to the Tiruppattur Government Hospital. A case has been registered and a local man Ranjithkumar has been arrested in this regard.

जागरण संवाददाता, सासाराम : 'आमदनी के साथ विकास' रेलवे की पहल का असर सासाराम स्टेशन पर भी दिखने लगा है। पांच वर्ष पूर्व ए श्रेणी में शामिल इस स्टेशन पर यात्री सुविधा को बढ़ावा देने के लिए शेडिंग निर्माण कार्य जारी है।गत वित्तीय वर्ष में यात्री किराये से लगभग 20 करोड़ का राजस्व देने वाले इस स्टेशन को चकाचक बनाने का काम अब जोर पकड़ने लगा है। हालांकि अभी रोगी सुविधाओं से जुड़े कई आवश्यक कार्य बाकी है। फिलहाल प्रशासनिक भवन व प्लेटफार्म पर यात्री शेड बनाने का कार्य जोर शोर से चल रहा है। कुछ माह पूर्व यहां मेगा फुटब्रिज, आरपीएफ थाना भवन व बैरक का निर्माण किया गया था। स्टेशन के र्सकुलेटिंग एरिया में फब्बारा भी लगाया गया है। हालांकि जन साधारण टिकट काउंटर नहीं होने, पांच बुकिंग खिड़की में से महज दो को ही खुलने से लोगों को टिकट के लिए घंटों कतार में लगनी पड़ रही है।96.69 लाख की से बन रहा यात्री शेड : प्लेटफार्म पर यात्रियों को बैठने के लिए शेड बनाने का काम शुरू है। प्लेटफार्म संख्या तीन व चार के पूर्वी छोर पर 80 मीटर लंबा (लगभग 250 फूट) शेड का निर्माण कार्य अंतिम दौर में है। इसी तरह का शेड प्लेटफार्म संख्या एक और दो के पूर्वी छोर पर बनाया जा रहा है। आरा व पटना स्टेशन के लिए खुलने वाली ट्रेनों के यात्रियों को इससे काफी राहत मिलेगी। शेड बन जाने से जेठ बैसाख की चिलचिलाती धूप व लू के थपेडों के अलावे सावन-भादो की बरसात या फिर पूस-माघ की ठंड से भी यात्रियों को राहत मिलेगी। अभियंताओं के अनुसार दोनों शेड के निर्माण पर लगभग 96.67 लाख रुपये खर्च होंगे। स्टेशन अधीक्षक अरविंद कुमार ने कहा कि शेड का निर्माण कार्य तेजी से कराया जा रहा है। जल्द ही निर्माण कार्य पूरा करा लिया जाएगा।

It is a little-known fact that the southern suburb of Tambaram is older than Madras itself. Dates in History 1931first electrified metre gauge train service in the country ran in the country ran between Tambaram and Chennai beach1937Madras Christian College, in its 100th year, moved to East Tambaram from George Town1954Indian Air Force Station, a premier training institution, was set upDID YOU KNOW!Tambaram finds mention as 'Taamapuram' in temple inscriptions, notably the one Dating back to the 13th century, on the walls around the sanctum sanctorum at Marundeeswarar temple in Tirukachur village near ChengalpattuA few centuries before East India Company acquired a small patch of land, now known as Chennai, there were several pockets in its vicinity which flourished, Tambaram being among them.Chennai's expansion, fuelled by the establishment of premier institutions and the creation of a railway hub, has bolstered Tambaram's status as an important nerve centre in the immediate vicinity of the city's limits.A number of pockets around Tambaram have managed to retain their old charm, with life moving at an idyllic pace in sheer contrast to the outside world.;There were only lush green fields all over Tambaram. Living close to the Indian Air Force station, we used to get unlimited pleasure at the sight of aircrafts taking off. We were even allowed to go close to the runway when we were children,” recalls K. Loganathan (55), whose family has lived in Selaiyur for three generations.For A. Suresh, the best part of his childhood was spending time with friends in the massive vacant spaces of Railway Colony.;Our generation was very fortunate to be able to get a close look at steam engines. The railway staff was friendly and showed us how the engine worked. We used to play hide and seek in the long rows of goods wagons in the yard,” he says.Tambaram has had its share of scare factor too. ;The area known as 'maan thoppu' (mango grove) was much feared, and all the children in its vicinity were told to be home before sunset,” says E. Chandrashekar, another resident.;Tambaram has its own rightful place in history,” says Johnson Wesley, a teacher, who predicts the suburb will continue to play a pivotal role in the city's future too.

KORAPUT: Train traffic between Koraput and Jeypore, which was suspended on Monday following landslides near Jatri station, will continue to be hit for the next few days."Landslides have occurred at several places between Jatri and Jeypore railway stations due to incessant rain. It will take three to four days to clear the tracks. Our men are at work but rain is a big hurdle," said station manager of Koraput railway station Jogendra Nath Majhi.Till the tracks are cleared, Hirakhand Express and Visakhapatnam-Kirandul passenger train will ply from Koraput, officials said.

New Delhi: Minister of State (Independent Charge) Environment, Forests and Climate Change Prakash Javadekar along with Minister of Railways D.V.Sadananda Gowda and Minister of State (Independent Charge) Science and Technology, Dr.Jitendra Singh flagged off the 3rd phase of Science Express Biodiversity Special (SEBS) at Safdarjung Railway Station today. An innovative exhibition on wheels, this train aims to create awareness amongst masses in general and youth in particular about the exceptional biodiversity of India.It is a flagship venture of Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, Ministry of Science and Technology and Indian Railways.Embarking on a journey of 17,000-km, the 'Science Express Bio-diversity Special' chugged out of Delhi Safdarjung railway station.Speaking at the occasion, Prakash Javadekar said in order to evince interest amongst the school children, people across the country, an advertising campaign would also be initiated so as to sensitize and educate the masses on the nuances of the rich biodiversity of the country.Javadekar emphasized that Science and Technology had commenced a successful journey today to sensitize the richness of India's diversity amongst the masses. In order to take the issue associated with biodiversity forward, society needed to base its foundation on the rationale of scientific temper.It was important in the backdrop of India comprising 2.5% of land mass on earth, 17% of world population and yet being home to 8% of world biodiversity.The Minister added that this was no ordinary train. It is a journey of learning, spreading the message of Bio diversity conservation and telling people that even in these modern times, we still have to depend on bio diversity. The train covering a span of 194 days at 57 locations would benefit 30 lakh students, he said.The train is on a 197-day tour which will see it cover 57 stops across 20 states. It will end its journey in Gujarat's Gandhinagar on February 6 of next year.Three ministries – Science and Technology, Environment and Forests and Railways — have collaborated to roll out the Science Express and all three ministers were present today for the launch.Highlighting the importance of the initiative, the Minister mentioned that the train was in fact the brand ambassador of the COP 11. It showcased the rich biodiversity of India to delegates from over 190 countries.

·PREMIUM SPECIAL TRAIN WILL NOW RUN UPTO BANGALORE CANT INSTEAD OF YESVANTPUR.·SERVICES OF THE TRAIN EXTENDED WITH REVISED TIMINGS.With an aim to provide comfortable journey to the commuters and to avoid rush in different regular trains, East Coast Railway has decided to increase the frequency of weekly Premium Super Fast Special Train between Bhubaneswar and Bangalore to bi-weekly. The services of this train has been increased till 23rd October 2014. The destination of this train has also been changed to Bangalore Cant instead of Yesvantpur and the timings have been revised w.e.f. 9th August 2014. 00851 Bhubaneswar-Bangalore Cant bi-weekly Premium Super Fast Special train will leave Bhubaneswar at 2250hrs. on every Wednesday and Saturday between 9th August to 22nd October 2014 and will arrive at Bangalore Cant at 2120hrs on Thursdays & Sundays. In the return direction, 00852 Bangalore Cant-Bhubaneswar bi-weekly Premium Super Fast Special will leave Bangalore Cant at 2350hrs on every Thursday & Sunday between 10th August to 23rd October 2014 and will arrive at Bhubaneswar at 2315hrs on Fridays & Mondays during the period.This train will run with one AC-2 tier, Four AC-3 tiers, Eleven Sleeper Class Coaches, Two Guard cum Luggage Vans and one Pantry Car in its composition having stoppages at Brahmapur, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Renigunta and Jolarpetai between Bhubaneswar & Bangalore Cant.1 Download Details (1 MB)

अहमेदाबाद Ahmedabad (ADI): A study conducted by RITES Ltd, a government of India enterprise, has said that the annual operation and maintenance cost of the proposed Ahmedabad-Mumbai bullet train will be Rs 412 crore. The report says the rate of returns from the project will, however, be around 9% a year.In December 2013, the central government had ordered a joint feasibility study in which RITES and Japan are involved. The report by RITES says the project would yield an annual revenue of Rs 2,499 crore in the first year of operation. The project is likely to be operational by 2021.Minister of state for railways, Manoj Sinha, in his reply to a question seeking clarification on selecting Ahmedabad as a terminal station for the high-expenditure train project, said that the terminal location has been selected on the basis of multiple criteria. ;The criteria include the traffic potential, the paying capacity of travellers, potential of leveraging land resources, availability of land for terminal, and most importantly, the linkage with central business districts,” he said.The central government said that Japan's study would compare high-speed rail systems in different countries providing information on technologies, costs and financing of high-speed rails. The study will be completed in 18 months and the report is likely to be submitted in June 2015.A senior official said that if the RITES report was found to be true, the operation cost per day would be Rs 1.12 crore. This would turn out to be at par if not cheaper than airlines charges, he said.Ahmedabad as a terminal has been finalized. From the Mumbai end, it will travel to Thane (near Diva), before heading towards Palghar via Virar, and will then follow the existing alignment in Gujarat with halts at Surat, Vadodara and Ahmedabad.

સુરતઃ- સમગ્ર દક્ષિણ ગુજરાત સહિત વલસાડ અને તેની આજુબાજુના વિસ્તારમાં ભારે વરસાદના કારણે મુંબઈ- સુરત- અમદાવાદ વચ્ચે ટ્રેન વ્યવહાર ખોરવાયો છે. તમામ ટ્રેનો દોઢ થી બે કલાક મોડી દોડી રહી છે.જેથી મુસાફરોને રેલવે પ્લેટફોર્મ પર ભારે હાલાકીનો સામનો કરવો પડી રહ્યો છે. અને રેલવે સ્ટેશને લોકોની ભીડ ઉમટી રહી છે. સૂર્યનગરી એક્સપ્રેસ જે સુરતથી સવારે ૦૭:૩૦ કલાકે ઉપડે છે તે આજે સવારે ૯:૦૦ કલાકે ઉપડી હતી. જે નવસારી સવારે ૧૦:૦૦ કલાકે ક્રોસ કરી હતી.શતાબ્દી એક્સપ્રેસ ૩૦ થી ૪૫ મિનિટ મોડી,વીરાર સટલ એક્સપ્રેસ વલસાડ થી સુરત તરફ આવનાર પહેલી ટ્રેન.જે દોઢ કલાક મોડી આવી હતી.મુંબઈથી આવતો ગુજરાત એક્સપ્રેસ ટ્રેન આ લખાઈ છે ત્યારે હજુ સુરત સ્ટેશને પહોંચી નથી.

As speculation over the likelihood of location of the new capital in the vicinity of Vijayawada and Guntur intensified, the demand for establishment of headquarters of the proposed South Coastal Railway Zone in Vijayawada city is fast catching up with people. They are firm that Vijayawada city will be an ideal destination for the new railway zone irrespective of whether the capital is located here or not. Vijayawada Railway Station Users' Consultative Committee sent a memorandum to Railway Minister D.V. Sadananda Gowda recently seeking steps for giving Vijayawada due recognition in the form of the zone headquarters, committee member Naraharisetti Srihari said.He added that Vijayawada station was centrally located and had requisite volumes of freight and passenger traffic. Besides, the zone HQ is also essential from the viewpoint of development of seaports, particularly the Machilipatnam port, to which the government has committed itself.Those demanding the Railway zone HQ in the city cite the scope for expansion of the existing station, which has 10 platforms accommodating more than 300 pass-through (both passenger and goods) trains everyday.The Electric Traction Training Centre at Satyanarayanapuram is a major facility imparting practical lessons to loco pilots from across the country. It is the only training institute of its kind in the State. The electric loco shed and wagon workshop at Rayanapadu have few parallels in the country in terms of performance and the scale of operations.These and other facilities work in favour of Vijayawada, Mr. Srihari asserted. He added that a high-level committee of the Railway Board comprising top officials of the South Central Railway (SCR) were seized of the matter.The recommendations of the committee are eagerly awaited while an equally strong demand for the new zone HQ emerged from Visakhapatnam.They sent memorandum to Railway Minister

SWR/South Western Railways News / Special trains to continue
« on: July 30, 2014, 12:00:50 AM »
The South Western Railway (SWR) will continue to run special trains to various destinations till the end of August 2014.According to a SWR press release, Yeshwantpur-Jaipur weekly premium special (02695) will leave Yeshwantpur at noon on Thursdays and reach Jaipur station at 6.35 a.m. on Saturdays. The services from Yeshwantpur will be on July 31, August 7, 14, 21 and 26.In the return direction, Jaipur–Yeshwantpur weekly premium special (02696) will leave Jaipur at 10.15 p.m. on Saturdays and reach Yeshwantpur at 5.30 p.m. on Mondays. The services from Jaipur will be on August 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30.The Yeshwantpur-Miraj bi-weekly express special (06517) will leave Yeshwantpur at 8.40 p.m. on August 28 and reach Miraj at 10.15 a.m. the next day. In the return direction, Miraj–Yeshwantpur bi-weekly express special (06518) will leave Miraj at 4.45 p.m. on Tuesdays and reach Yeshwantpur at 6.20 a.m. the next day.

Farmers from a few villages surrounding Karepalli mandal headquarters staged a protest at Karepalli on Monday against the alleged attempts by the railway personnel concerned to close a level-crossing in the mandal headquarters.According to sources, a group of aggrieved farmers staged a demonstration near the level-crossing in the morning when some railway personnel arrived at the spot reportedly to conduct a survey to ascertain the number of vehicles passing through the particular level-crossing daily. The farmers raised slogans accusing the railway personnel of contemplating closing the ;manned level crossing gate” on unjustified grounds citing ;non-feasibility.” The railway personnel reportedly left the place following the protests by farmers. The agitated farmers apprised Wyra MLA B. Madan Lal of the matter over phone. When contacted, Mr. Madan Lal told The Hindu that hundreds of farmers use the level-crossing to carry their farm produce from the nearby fields in tractors to the shandy in Karepalli. Closure of the gate will force scores of farmers to take another long route entailing huge expenditure on them, he pointed out, saying the matter would be brought to the notice of railway higher officials to ensure continuation of the manned level-crossing gate.

South Eastern Railway (SER) has advised to continue to runTrain Nos.02863/02864 HOWRAH-YESVANTPUR-HOWRAH WEEKLY PREMIUM SPECIALS for 04 Trips in each direction on Mondays from HOWRAH endand from YESVANTPUR endon Wednesdays, as per the following timings, dates and stoppages. Accordingly, TRAIN NO. 02863 HOWRAH-YESVANTPUR WEEKLYPREMIUM SPECIALwill depart at HOWRAH Station at 11-00 hrs., on Mondays, i.e. on04th, 11th, 18th & 25th August, 2014 ( Total : 04 Trips) and will arrive at YESVANTPUR Station at 16-00 hrs. on Tuesdays. En route, the Premium WeeklySpecial will arrive/depart at Bhubaneswar at 16-35/16-45 hrs;Duvvada at 23-43/23-45 hrs; VIJAYAWADA at 04-40/04-50 hrs; Reniguntaat 10-25/10-40 hrs; Katpadi at 12-35/12-37 hrs; depart at Jolarpettai at 13-35 hrs. on Tuesdays. In the return direction, TRAIN NO. 02864 YESVANTPUR-HOWRAH WEEKLYPREMIUM SPECIALwill depart at YESVANTPUR Station at 11-15 hrs., on Wednesdays, i.e. on 06th 13th, 20th & 27th August, 2014( Total : 04 TRIPs ) and will arrive at HOWRAH Station at 16-00 hrs. on Thursdays. En route, the Premium WeeklySpecial will depart at Jolarpettai at 13-46 hrs; Katpadi at 14-38/14-40 hrs; Renigunta at 16-55/17-05 hrs; VIJAYAWADA at 22-35/22-45 hrs; Duvvada at 03-28/03-30 hrs; and arrive/depart at Bhubaneswar at 09-40/09-50 hrs., on Thursdays.The Weekly Premium Special will have total 14 coaches, consisting ofThree AC 2-tier coaches; Eight AC 3-tier coaches, Two Luggage-cum-brake Vans with Generator and One Pantry/Dining Car(Vestibule) with AC coach.  *****

जागरण संवाददाता, धनबाद : रेल अपराध पर प्रभावी लगाम लगाने के लिए रेलवे बोर्ड ने सभी मंडलों को सौ से लेकर 365 दिन तक विशेष काम का टास्क सौंपा है। बोर्ड मुख्यालय के निर्देश को देखते हुए धनबाद रेल मंडल में भी सभी आरपीएफ पोस्टों को इस बाबत सूचना देकर कार्रवाई का निर्देश दिया गया है। सभी पोस्ट प्रभारियों को मुख्यालय के निर्देश के आलोक में प्रभावी तरीके से काम कर रिपोर्ट समर्पित करने को कहा गया है। बोर्ड मुख्यालय ने आरपीएफ पोस्टों को सौ दिन के अंदर टिकट दलालों और अनाधिकृत वेंडरों की धरपकड़ के लिए 25 बार विशेष छापेमारी अभियान चलाने का निर्देश दिया है। पोस्टों के अधीन पड़नेवाले आरक्षण केंद्रों में आरपीएफ की टीम यह कार्रवाई करेगी। गौरतलब है कि टिकट दलाली को लेकर कई बार पहले भी कार्रवाई हुई है लेकिन इस पर पूरी तरह रोक नहीं लगी है। इसे देखते हुए अब बोर्ड के स्तर से विशेष टास्क सौंपा गया है। इसी तरह मुख्यालय ने सौ दिन में कम से कम 25 बार हर आरपीएफ पोस्ट को हर ट्रेन की महिला बोगियों में सफर करनेवाले पुरुष यात्रियों की धरपकड़ के लिए भी छापेमारी करने को कहा है। साथ ही अपराधियों से रेलवे सामग्री की खरीद करनेवाले रिसीवरों की धरपकड़ के लिए भी हर माह दो बार विशेष अभियान चलाने का निर्देश दिया गया है। इसी तरह हर मंडल को एक वर्ष के अंदर वर्तमान मैनपावर में ही 15 फीसद और ट्रेनों में एस्कॉट बढ़ाने का भी निर्देश दिया गया है।

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