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All Trains Departing Today from Mahesana Jn Railway station

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1 19264 - Dee Pbr Delhi-sarai Rohilla Porbandar On Time 01,Aug at 12:16AM 01,Aug at 12:18AM
2 54806 - Jp Adi Pass Jaipur Jn Ahmedabad Jn 01:04 31,Jul at 11:53PM 01,Aug at 01:34AM
3 12479 - Surya Nagri Exp. Jodhpur Jn Bandra Terminus On Time 01,Aug at 01:48AM 01,Aug at 01:50AM
4 14708 - Ranakpur Expres Bandra Terminus Bikaner Jn On Time 01,Aug at 01:52AM 01,Aug at 01:54AM
5 54805 - Adi Jp Passenger Ahmedabad Jn Jaipur Jn On Time 01,Aug at 01:35AM 01,Aug at 02:08AM
6 12960 - Ddr Bhuj Ddr Bi Weekly Sf Bhuj Dadar (western Railway) On Time 01,Aug at 02:36AM 01,Aug at 02:38AM
7 12957 - Swarna J Rajdhani Express Ahmedabad Jn New Delhi On Time 31,Jul at 06:53PM 31,Jul at 06:55PM
8 19708 - Jp Bdts Arravali Exp. Jaipur Jn Bandra Terminus 00:01 31,Jul at 07:38PM 31,Jul at 07:41PM
9 54803 - Ju Adi Passenger Jodhpur Jn Ahmedabad Jn 00:24 31,Jul at 07:20PM 31,Jul at 07:47PM
10 12915 - Ashram Express Ahmedabad Jn Delhi Jn On Time 31,Jul at 07:46PM 31,Jul at 07:48PM
11 59511 - Msh Vg Passenger Mahesana Jn Viramgam Jn On Time 01,Jan at 05:30AM 31,Jul at 07:50PM
12 79433 - Adi Ptn Demu[daily] Ahmedabad Jn Patan On Time 31,Jul at 08:30PM 31,Jul at 08:35PM
13 14312 - Be Nbvj Bhuj Bareilly Jn On Time 31,Jul at 09:46PM 31,Jul at 09:48PM
14 22451 - Bdts Cdg Express Bandra Terminus Chandigarh 00:40 31,Jul at 09:21PM 31,Jul at 10:03PM
15 19407 - Adi Bsb Express Ahmedabad Jn Varanasi Jn On Time 31,Jul at 10:16PM 31,Jul at 10:18PM
16 19404 - Sln Adi Exp Sultanpur Jn Ahmedabad Jn 00:48 31,Jul at 09:46PM 31,Jul at 10:36PM
17 12480 - Surya Nagri Exp. Bandra Terminus Jodhpur Jn On Time 31,Jul at 10:41PM 31,Jul at 10:43PM
18 14707 - Ranakpur Expres Bikaner Jn Bandra Terminus On Time 31,Jul at 10:43PM 31,Jul at 10:45PM
19 12989 - Ddr Aiisuper. Dadar (western Railway) Ajmer Jn On Time 31,Jul at 11:48PM 31,Jul at 11:50PM
20 59484 - Ptn Msh Passenger Patan Mahesana Jn On Time Destination Destination
21 59512 - Vg Msh Passenger Viramgam Jn Mahesana Jn On Time Destination Destination
S.T.D. - Scheduled Time of Departure
E.T.D. - Estimated Time of Departure
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