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All trains arriving today at Hardoi Railway station

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1 12231 - Lko Cdg Exp Lucknow Jn Chandigarh On Time 25,Oct at 11:59PM 25,Oct at 11:59PM
2 15115 - Cpr Dli Express Chhapra Jn Delhi Jn On Time 26,Oct at 12:11AM 26,Oct at 12:11AM
3 15002 - Ddn Mfp Exp Dehra Dun Muzaffarpur Jn On Time 26,Oct at 12:15AM 26,Oct at 12:15AM
4 15011 - Ljn Sre Exp Lucknow Jn Chandigarh On Time 26,Oct at 12:25AM 26,Oct at 12:25AM
5 14007 - Sadbhawna Exp Raxaul Jn Delhi Jn 04:20 25,Oct at 08:27PM 26,Oct at 12:47AM
6 14511 - Nauchandi Exp Allahabad Jn Saharanpur Jn On Time 26,Oct at 01:05AM 26,Oct at 01:05AM
7 54252 - Sre Lko Pass. Saharanpur Jn Lucknow Jn 01:23 25,Oct at 11:46PM 26,Oct at 01:09AM
8 13120 - Dli Sdah Bi Wkly Exp Delhi Jn Sealdah 00:47 26,Oct at 12:33AM 26,Oct at 01:20AM
9 13019 - Bagh Express Howrah Kathgodam On Time 26,Oct at 01:48AM 26,Oct at 01:48AM
10 54251 - Lko Sre Pass Lucknow Jn Saharanpur Jn On Time 26,Oct at 02:01AM 26,Oct at 02:01AM
11 14208 - Padmavat Exp Delhi Jn Partapgarh Jn On Time 26,Oct at 02:30AM 26,Oct at 02:30AM
12 14512 - Nauchandi Exp Saharanpur Jn Allahabad Jn On Time 26,Oct at 03:05AM 26,Oct at 03:05AM
13 13020 - Bagh Express Kathgodam Howrah On Time 26,Oct at 03:54AM 26,Oct at 03:54AM
14 14266 - Ddn Bsb Express Dehra Dun Varanasi Jn On Time 26,Oct at 04:10AM 26,Oct at 04:10AM
15 13009 - Doon Express Howrah Dehra Dun 01:10 25,Oct at 08:00PM 25,Oct at 09:10PM
16 14236 - Berelly Varanasi Express Bareilly Jn Varanasi Jn 03:24 25,Oct at 06:32PM 25,Oct at 09:56PM
17 64221 - Lko Hri Lko Memu Lucknow Jn Shahjahanpur Jn On Time 25,Oct at 09:45PM 25,Oct at 09:45PM
18 14257 - K V Exp Varanasi Jn New Delhi On Time 25,Oct at 10:27PM 25,Oct at 10:27PM
19 12204 - Grib Rath Amritsar Jn Saharsa Jn 05:43 25,Oct at 05:05PM 25,Oct at 10:48PM
20 14207 - Padmavat Exp Partapgarh Jn Delhi Jn On Time 25,Oct at 11:10PM 25,Oct at 11:10PM
21 12229 - Lucknow Mail Lucknow Jn New Delhi On Time 25,Oct at 11:36PM 25,Oct at 11:36PM
S.T.A. - Scheduled Time of Arrival
E.T.A. - Estimated Time of Arrival
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