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All trains arriving today at Cuttack Railway station

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1 18410 - Srijagannath Exp Puri Howrah On Time 20,Dec at 12:28AM 20,Dec at 12:28AM
2 22873 - Dgha Vskp S/f Weekly Digha Fs Visakhapatnam On Time 20,Dec at 12:30AM 20,Dec at 12:30AM
3 22807 - Src Mas Ac Express Santragachi Jn Chennai Central 00:42 20,Dec at 12:40AM 20,Dec at 01:22AM
4 22850 - Sc Shm Sf Exp Secunderabad Jn Shalimar On Time 20,Dec at 01:40AM 20,Dec at 01:40AM
5 18409 - Srijagannathexp Howrah Puri On Time 20,Dec at 01:43AM 20,Dec at 01:43AM
6 12863 - Howrah Yesvantpur Express Howrah Yesvantpur Jn On Time 20,Dec at 02:20AM 20,Dec at 02:20AM
7 12895 - Hwh Puri Weekly S/f Exp Howrah Puri On Time 20,Dec at 03:00AM 20,Dec at 03:00AM
8 12509 - Sbc Ghy Exp Bangalore City Jn Guwahati On Time 20,Dec at 03:25AM 20,Dec at 03:25AM
9 18478 - Kalingautkalexp Haridwar Jn Puri On Time 20,Dec at 03:35AM 20,Dec at 03:35AM
10 18451 - Hte Puri Tapaswani Exp. Hatia Puri On Time 20,Dec at 04:05AM 20,Dec at 04:05AM
11 12837 - Howrah Puri Express Howrah Puri On Time 20,Dec at 04:20AM 20,Dec at 04:20AM
12 12842 - Coromandel Exp Chennai Central Howrah On Time 20,Dec at 05:10AM 20,Dec at 05:10AM
13 15644 - Kyq Puriexpress Kamakhya Jn Puri On Time 20,Dec at 05:10AM 20,Dec at 05:10AM
14 12841 - Howrah Chennai Coromandal Howrah Chennai Central 00:31 19,Dec at 08:40PM 19,Dec at 09:11PM
15 58131 - Rou Sbp Puri Rourkela Puri 01:43 19,Dec at 07:42PM 19,Dec at 09:25PM
16 12840 - Mas Hwh Mail Chennai Central Howrah 00:21 19,Dec at 09:15PM 19,Dec at 09:36PM
17 22817 - Hwh Mys Sf Exp Howrah Mysore Jn 00:21 19,Dec at 09:45PM 19,Dec at 10:06PM
18 12838 - Puri Hwh Express Puri Howrah On Time 19,Dec at 10:18PM 19,Dec at 10:18PM
19 18452 - Puri Hte Tapaswani Exp. Puri Hatia On Time 19,Dec at 10:25PM 19,Dec at 10:25PM
20 18477 - Puri Hw Utkal Exp. Puri Haridwar Jn On Time 19,Dec at 10:55PM 19,Dec at 10:55PM
21 12864 - Ypr Howrah Exp Yesvantpur Jn Howrah On Time 19,Dec at 11:15PM 19,Dec at 11:15PM
22 08401 - Puri Src Weekly Spl Puri Santragachi Jn On Time 19,Dec at 11:30PM 19,Dec at 11:30PM
23 12801 - Puri Ndls Purushottam Puri New Delhi On Time 19,Dec at 11:50PM 19,Dec at 11:50PM
S.T.A. - Scheduled Time of Arrival
E.T.A. - Estimated Time of Arrival
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